Enabling Protection for Older Children

Forthcoming Conferences and Workshops

COVER Workshop on Child Safety
13 - 15 March 2012
Technical University of Berlin, Germany

TRL has led a successful consortium in a major EU 7th Framework project, known as EPOCh. The project has been engaged in ground-breaking research, driving the improvement of safety for older children travelling in vehicles.

The project has specified, produced and validated a state of the art child dummy (Q10), representing older children travelling in vehicles. In addition protocols and test procedures have been expanded to carry out impact tests for restraint systems designed to protect older and larger children in vehicle collisions.

The results of this research will directly impact European and potentially worldwide testing.

The EPOCh partners are TRL, Humanetics, IDIADA, Dorel and the University of Surrey.

Details of this groundbreaking work will be presented by consortium partners, in a summary at the Protection of Children in Cars Conference in December 2011 and in more depth in March 2012 at the COVER Workshop on Child Safety.

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